Tis the Season to Take Advantage of Holiday Bargains in Media

During the 4th quarter there is a great deal of competition for media space across a wide variety of options; national print, radio and television come to mind, yet,  there are local bargains to be had as well as national remnant buys  especially in the frenzy of holiday buying during 3rd week of November through the end of the year.  If one finds a bit of budget that is not being used for marketing or media, now is the time to being thinking about who you need to reach and where you need to reach them. 

The best bargains are in local print/radio and TV, even in the top 10 dma’s, which can offer incredible discounts over one to 6 weeks.  These areas offer packages that will run additional spots, include online bonuses and are up to 50% off or more. 

National magazine inserts and fsi’s are also offering remnant space, for those DR clients that may want a little boost, and local print can be a bargain as the year comes to an end.  Keep in mind also that the last week of the year and the first week of the New Year rates plummet in national broadcast media, which sometimes can come with a lock in of several weeks at the same reduced rate.

If you are a media bargain hunter, now is the time to start inquiring about what  may be available at your budget.  Ask to be put on a notice list and be sent the best deals of the season, and be prepared to be surprised. 

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