Effective Marketing for your CBD Oil Business

Could you guess the total U.S. CBD consumer sales from 2018? *see bottom of blog post for answer

With CBD sales in the U.S. expected to exceed $1 billion by 2020 I think it's safe to say that CBD oil is one of the most intriguing talked about topics among different industries right now. The cannabis extract is making its way into many shops and with that everyone is looking to advertise in this space - with that comes challenges. Or does it?

Know How To Navigate especially online since digital advertising can be the most difficult to overcome. We don't let this stop us! Digital advertising is a powerful marketing tool that everyone should take advantage of. Within this arena come the biggest social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, and Google. These platforms, among many others, act as a great tool in driving traffic and leads to either a landing page or website, but with the tight restrictions that each platform presents it's important to know how to get creative. With …

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