2019 Media Predictions

Kantar today released its perspective on the major trends that will shape the media landscape for brand owners, agencies and media platforms in 2019. The predictions report outlines 12 key trends that will transform the next year in media. Exploring advances from augmented reality, through gender portrayal to vertical video, the 12 predictions are:

1. Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will resolve the integrated online/offline return on marketing investment dilemma. 2. Voice technology will break through in creative planning and the marketing mix. 3. Chinese leadership in social media and social media analytics will be ‘fast-followed’ by the west. 4. The emergence of the ‘branded experience network’ will transform media management in to ‘internet of everything’ management. 5. Brands will start to take the portrayal of women in advertising seriously. 6. Amazon will emerge from the advertising world ‘shadows’ to make the duopoly an triopoly. 7. Vertical video will lead the wa…

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