Programmatic Buying in the News

A recent article in Ad Age speaks to the appeal of dollar savings through programmatic buying; IHeartRadio is looking into streamlining ad buying with Programmatic Radio. 

The ad platform for radio advertisers, Jelli, a cloud-based SpotPlan will allow clients to target their audience similar to programmatic digital options.

The goal to wire nearly 1300 stations to the platform since  their release last year, has the attention of IHeartMedia, who will be partnering by placing its inventory in the programmatic pool.

Although there is streaming media, there majority of buyers investments are in traditional radio, this program to buy programmatically will allow agencies the ability to buy programmatically.

There are only 25% of the agencies currently taking advantage of programmatic buying through the current platforms according to Forrester and the Association of National Advertisers. Apparently most do not understand the process and are not comfortable with the concept.  That  leaves a vast network of marketers and media buyers that are available to tap by those groups savvy enough to teach and convince them of the efficiency and savings for their clients using this method of media purchasing.  With programmatic TV and Radio buys available with the traditional digital ad buys,  this process may become more readily understood and utilized in the near future.

Source: ADWEEK