October 2018 Newsletter

Targeting Ads Without Creeping Out Your Customers 

"Research has shown that digital targeting meaningfully improves the response to advertisements and that ad performance declines when marketers’ access to consumer data is reduced. But there is also evidence that using online “surveillance” to sell products can lead to a consumer backlash.Continue Reading HERE!

5 Reasons Why You're Losing Customers And What To Do About It      

·     High Employee Turnover
·     Not Utilizing Technology
·     Focused on Price Not Quality 
·     Treat Customers Differently
·     Not Resolving Problems

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Access To Media Office News

 Congratulations to our New Business Development Manager, Andrea McEvady, for 15 years of hard work! Andrea has been with Access To Media since the beginning, her dedication, knowledge, and experience allows her to provide an excellent service for her clients and coworkers. We look forward to working with you for years to come!!!  

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