Achieve your Marketing Goals with Twitter Advertising

With 974 million monthly active users, Twitter helps people stayed connected to their interests - whether it’s the latest global news or their favorite place to shop. Through our Twitter services, Access To Media will help you achieve your marketing goals such by growing a community of followers, driving more visitors to your website, or capturing more leads to follow up with later.
Get the most out of your marketing dollars by only paying for the actions that you want.

About Twitter Ads

There are several different kinds of ads on Twitter (Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends). These are marked with a "promoted" icon and can be interacted with in much the same way as organic Twitter content. Promoted Twitter content can be followed, favorited, or retweeted.

We deliver Tweets to targeted audiences!

Promoted Tweets can include links to landing pages, hashtags and rich media. Promoted are targeted to non-followers by gender, geography, language device, interests, keywords, tailored audiences and more. We deliver Tweets to targeted audiences!