Get In Front of the Right Audience with Snapchat Advertising

An average of 166 million people open Snapchat over 18 times a day!

Types of Snapchat Advertisements

Snap Ads: Snap Ads are full-screen, 100% viewable, and have audio on by default. They are a maximum 10-second video that includes the option to provide more information when the user swipes up. Snap ads can appear in between Stories from a user’s friends, or within premium content that appears within Discover, including Our Stories, Publisher Stories and Shows.
Snap Ads + Web View: Drive traffic to your pre-loaded website. With our Auto-Fill feature, Snapchatters can send you their account email and more by just tapping.
Snap Ads + App Installs: Drive installs for your app with a swipe and a tap. Snapchatters can even install your app without leaving ours.
Snap Ads + Long-Form Video: Drive views for your trailer, short film, how-to, or any other video.
Geofilters: A Geofilter is a graphic overlay that Snapchatters can place on their Snapchats. Geofilters allow you to be where your product is bought, thought about, or consumed. Create your own Filter and drive awareness, advocacy, and action in one package.
Lenses: Lenses are the most playful and memorable way to increase awareness, on a massive scale. With one tap, you can invite Snapchatters into your world — and your story. About a third of Snapchat Users play with lenses each day.


We will build a custom audience fitted for your company based on Demographics including, age, location, device type, and advanced demographics like household income and parental status, what Snapchatters are interested in, where they go, and what they buy.