Print Advertising can be More than just Newspapers

Print Advertising enables you to connect with millions of potential customers quickly, simply and economically. Our Niche Publications reach people who are looking for your specific service or product.


Magazines give your advertisement its longest possible "shelf-life." Unlike other forms of print media, Magazines can be saved and read years after your advertisement is placed. Statistically, Magazine Readers are among the most educated of the population and are more likely to purchase new products. Most Magazines are promoted to niche audiences long before you place.

Newspaper Networks

What is Newspaper Network advertising?
We have built relationships with newspapers and magazines - thousands of them - across the country. These publications reach more than 75 million readers. That's the kind of audience that advertisers dream about. Our newspaper network's relationships make advertising very affordable. We design, place and track your ads with hundreds of newspapers, magazines and niche publications across the country.

In-the-Hand Advertising

This form of advertising uses everyday products such as coffee cups, pizza boxes, dry cleaning hangers, ect. to get in front of your next customer. Your logo and message is printed directly onto the consumables and distributed. What's the benefit of this? Mediums such as Radio & TV can last for 30 seconds while this ad is in front of the consumer for up to an hour. This form of advertising is available in the top 100 Markets! 

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising provides the opportunity to reach consumers on the move. There are many  different forms of outdoor advertising we offer to allow our clients to have the best possible customer reach.

Forms of Outdoor Advertising
  • Digital Billboards
  • Poster Boards
  • Wallscapes
  • Bus Shelters & Bus Wraps
  • King Display
  • Tail Display
  • Inside Panels
  • Benches
  • Arial Banners
  • Parking Lot Advertising
  • Airline Tarmac Advertising (Major Markets)