November Newsletter

How many Advertisements does the Average American See each Day?
*see bottom of blog post for answer. 

About Our Digital Team
Our Digital/Creative team consists of highly qualified, passionate individuals who bring art and technology together to build a digital creation that explodes with branding and creativity while producing the best possible results. The Access To Media Digital Team specializes in creative design, campaign optimization, social media growth/management, campaign strategizing and audiences customization. We have worked with clients of all types, some including beauty, health, home goods, education brands. Our clientele has built trusted relationships with our company creating success with clients lasting over 10 years. The Digital Team’s skills are built from 5 years of experience with Access To Media along with additional years of schooling, freelancing and training.

Our Digital Team's Certifications
We are certified to be able to serve our clients to the best of our ability. Our certifications include Landing Pave Optimization, Google AdWords, Content Marketing, HTML/CSS, and YouTube.
Programmatic Digital Buying
Programmatic Digital Buying is a good tool for marketers who want to effectively target potential clients while being cost effective. Programmatic Buying allows for Real-Time Optimization, Dynamic Ad Placement, Faster Media Buys, and more.
But What is Programmatic Marketing?
It is a highly targeted advertising strategy that allows you to show your ad to the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

Outdoor Advertising

Access To Media offers the right choices for a client’s demographics utilizing Outdoor advertising mediums as a top tactic. This is a cost effective method for reaching a specific audience with increased impressions, in virtually any location. 
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·         Digital Billboards
·         Poster Boards
·         Wallscapes
·         Bus Shelters & Bus Wraps
·         King Display
·         Tail Display
·         Inside Panels
·         Benches
·         Arial Banners
·         Parking Lot Advertising
·         Airline Tarmac Advertising (Major Markets)

* On Average, each American sees at least 4,000 advertisements a day. You may see up to 10,000 ads in a single day!

Access to Media can help you get in front of your customers on mediums including TV, Radio, Print, Digital, and more.