Let's Get With The Program

When new platforms and strategies arise in the media world both advertisers and businesses enter to race into the newest realm of marketing in hopes of catching the fastest and most direct train to the eyes and ears of their audience. For many, the recent rise of programmatic advertising and media buying has been that train to catch. Although its name my sound overwhelming and smidge complicated, it’s not as complicated as you’d think.

Programmatic Marketing is a type of display advertising for mobile, display and video campaigns that uses technologies like Real Time Bidding (RTB) to ensure the lowest possible price for an ad spot. By using a programmatic system, you are now able to access new opportunities for placements on high-traffic sites that a standard ad purchaser may not know are available.

While this to many may seem like just another Display Advertising system, it is important to know that with programmatic comes much more and advertisers know that. Just in the last year, 82% of marketers have executed digital programmatic ads. Other statistics suggest that in this year alone, digital programmatic ad spend in the U.S will reach $22.1 billion and will represent 67% of total digital display ad spend (almost doubling what it was last year). While we are certainly seeing a rise in programmatic advertising, it certainly is not new on the block. CMO by Adobe ran a survey to 145 American publishers in 2015 polling and already 98.3% of them were already engaging in Programmatic Marketing opportunities.
With the technology improvements programmatic brings and its ability to identify the types of people who would be most likely to purchase your product or service ridding your campaign of the duds, programmatic will be the most opportunistic display option of 2017. It is safe to say that programmatic advertising is beyond the intelligence of manually managing a campaign.

If you are looking to try out programmatic advertising, Access To Media is able to trade on all major ad exchanges including, OpenX, Casale Media, Centro, Nexage, Doubleclick, Appnexus and Pubmatic. We have access to billions of placements that extend beyond the “Adsense and Adwords” programs and can provide managed reporting and campaign monitoring relieving you from the stress and hassle of doing it yourself. Access To Media will send you weekly or bi-weekly granular reporting to help you understand where your campaign dollars are being spent and how it is adding to your bottom line. All reports are openly discussed with our specialized team for ongoing optimization.